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Providing care to patients via computer or telephone from the comfort of their homes.

You have to follow the website information. Please click "Book An Appointment"

A) If you have straight Medicaid you have nothing to pay for the visit

B) If you carry private insurance. You just have the Copay that is on your card or allows by your insurance payor.

C) If you do not have insurance. You have two choices either you pay $99.99 which can change any time soon or you sign up for a F.A.S URGENT CARE membership that includes TELEMED and in-person visit and cost only $150 yearly subscription. 

Here are some of the issues that can be treated. see the list. that list is not complete. If you do not have severe emergent situations like Severe Chest pain, Severe Abdominal pain, Severe Shortness of Breath or Active Bleeding, etc. Additionally, there are other conditions not mentioned here. Use your judgment. Otherwise, Telemedicine is a convenient, cost-effective way to treat you from the comfort of your home.

Yes. If You are not severely out of breath, do not have severe chest pain and you do need a test result.

No. F.A.S URGENT CARE CENTER membership is only for medical visits. You will have to pay for your medications, labs, and imaging etc.

Please Email us at [email protected] for questions pertinent to your visit.

F.A.S. Urgent Care Center